SignIT is a time-saving solution, enabling swift document execution without the need for time consuming printing, scanning, or postal processes.


Our partnership with industry leader DocuSign ensures a secure and user-friendly signing experience. By utilising this solution, you can conveniently upload any document and promptly share it with relevant parties through a secure email link. This enables recipients to efficiently review and digitally sign the document online from any location, streamlining the signing process and facilitating a secure digital signature process without the traditional paper-based steps.

Features and benefits

Easy to use

The drag and drop functionality allows you to easily add tags to your document.


Tracked by the latest technology with a DocuSign audit trail and secured by SMS verification.

Cloud Based


An online solution you and your clients can use anywhere, at any time.



Full visibility of the status of the document in the SignIT dashboard.


Automatic notifications

Upon completion, all parties will receive an email with a copy of the completed document.

Improved service

Ease of signing creates a better experience for clients and practitioners.

Start using SignIT

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