InfoTrack X

A secure solution that transforms traditionally manual document sharing into automated, digital workflows.

InfoTrack X is an industry leading, secure document sharing solution designed to revolutionise traditional processes. By seamlessly transitioning manual procedures into a simplified digital experience, InfoTrack X ensures utmost security while enhancing your firm’s efficiency. Bridging the gap between legal practitioners, conveyancers, and financial institutions, this innovative platform facilitates digital connections and automates workflows, empowering professionals with innovation to facilitate seamless transactions. 

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Our system will extract the data from the mortgage instructions for you when received via fax, email or an uploaded email. InfoTrack X will then digitise and input the information into the relevant matter in your Conveyancing Software/Practice Management System.

Similarly, in your Conveyancing Software/Practice Management System, you can digitally generate a Request For Funds and Final Reporting documentation, with all information automatically pre-populated, with no requirement for you to rekey data. You can then review the document and send it to the relevant financial institution with one click.

Features and benefits

Data extraction and population

Technology to read, extract and populate data between documents and your matters.


InfoTrack X is a secure, SOC 2, ISO 27001 certified platform.


Share documents in a secure workspace with just a few clicks.

Save valuable time

Reduce manual processes with automated digital workflows.


A safe, online solution you can use anywhere, at any time.

Comprehensive integration

Documents automatically return to your Conveyancing Software/Practice Management System (PMS).

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